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Title [CISS] 3rd Asian Workshop on Smart Sensor Systems Date 2015.04.06 09:39
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Director Prof. Chong-Min Kyung and 10 research Professors from Center for Integrated Smart Sensors(CISS) attended ‘3rd Asian Workshop on Smart Sensor Systems’(3rd AWSSS), hosted by CESS(Center for Co-Evolutional Social Systems) from Kyushu University during March 26-28, 2015, Karatsu Royal Hotel, Japan.


AWSSS is such a meaningful stage for smart sensors expert from 4 Asian nation; Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan in order to share the main issues and research contents of smart sensors. This workshop opens every year around March since the first workshop, held by CISS in Jeju Island in 2013 and also followed by the second one held by NPIE in Hualien, Taiwan in 2014.


There were 7 sessions with more than 40 experts from 5 countries; Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore, providing a great opportunity to enhance cooperative research plan by exchanging the latest research outcomes. Prof. Chong-Min Kyung took on the role of 5th session chair at the second day and Prof. Je, Minkyu(DGIST-Keynote Speaker), Prof. Jinyoung Yang(CISS), Prof. Dongsoo Han(KAIST), Prof. Sohn, Hoon(KAIST), Prof. Hwi Jin Ko(Seoul National Univ.) made a speech as Korean delegatesof the workshop. Besides, Prof. Teruo Higashino(Osaka Univ., Japan) and Xiaojun Guo(Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China) delivered valuable information and comprehensive discussion for bright vision on Smart Sensors.


On the last day of the workshop, participants had chance to visit Karatsu area, understanding historical significance and culture of the region.


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