About CISS

About CISS

  • TitleGlobal Frontier Project
  • DepartmentMinistry of Science and ICT(MSIT)
  • DirectorProf. Chong-Min Kyung
  • Research Periods
    (Govt Support)
    2011.09.29 ~ 2020.8.31
  • Research Phases Phase 1 : 2011.09.29 ~ 2013.08.31
    Phase 2 : 2013.09.01 ~ 2016.06.30
    Phase 3 : 2016.07.01 ~ 2020.08.31
    Phase 4 : 2020.08.31 ~ continue (privatization)
  • Participating
    Chungbuk National University, Daegu University, Dankook University, Ewha Womans University, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Handong University, Kallion Inc. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea University, Kunsan National University, Kyung Hee University, Kyungpook National University, Pusan National University, Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Virginia University of Technology, YonSei University (in alphebetical order)
  • Number of
    about 450 people/year
  • Research Funds$118.51million($13.17million/year) / * $1=1052.20won

Final Goals

  • Development of innovative devices, circuits, element technology and system technology to overcome the stagnation in the growth of IT
  • Development of common platforms with various devices and sensors
  • Creation of epoch-making ‘Multi-dimensional Smart IT Convergence Systems’ with more than 1,000 times improved Figure of Merits in terms of information processing speed, energy, and physical volume based on the optimization of platform performances through the convergence of hardware and software technologies

Creating the platform of smart convergence system encompassing innovative devices, circuits, sensors and element technology

Phase Goals


Acquirement of core

  • Creating structures of various nano materials and devices for three-dimensional use
  • Proposing and designing structures of smart IT convergence system platform
  • Proposing and proving original technology of diagnosis, imaging, nerve, environmental sensors

Epochal improvement
of ‘Flgure of Merit’

  • Improving Figure of Merit 1,000 times for nano materials and devices
  • Creating multi-dimensional IT convergence platform system, and improving the system 1,000 times
  • Improving Figure of Merit 1,000 times for diagnostic, imaging, neural, environmental sensors

Realization of application

  • Applying and optimizing platform system of nano materials, devices, and sensors
  • Integrating smart IT platform of diagnostic, imaging, neural, environmental sensors
  • Building prototype of smart IT convergence system, and conducting field test

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