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ceo 경종민

Convergence Technology A Key that can make our society 1,000 times better

There are various issues throughout the world that threat the prosperous future such as natural disasters, epidemics and threat of incurable diseases, safety accidents, radiation leaks, environmental damage and energy depletion.

Besides, as IT technology enriching lives of human beings is in close proximity to limits of device-miniaturization, its growth is stagnant. The limitation of the existing IT technology is also evident as energy consumption is rapidly increasing in accordance with a sharp rise of information quantity.

Therefore, it is essential to adopt multi-dimensional smart IT convergence technology that can encompass new concepts of device, material, processes, circuits, 3D IC as a whole beyond the existing paradigm of IT technology.

CISS has a multi-dimensional technology laboratory that could encompass diversified materials, processes, devices, circuits, multi-dimensional IC, digital platforms, software, and network. We have acquired multi-dimensional smart IT convergence technology, which is IT-BT-NT convergence technology designed with ‘optimal functions’ that could satisfy the requirements of various application areas such as medical/diagnostic equipment, vehicles, robots, sensor networks. We will make the world 1,000 times better by greatly improving energy consumption effect, convenience, R&D investment effect through smart IT convergence technology.