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Research Contents

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2-1 Multi-core platform for smart IT

TOPIC 1 : Low-power Multi-core Platform for Smart IT Systems
  • In-Cheol Park, KAIST (Electrical Engineering)
  • Development of smart IT multi-core platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) / Machine to Machine (M2M) systems
  • Development of systematic methods for automatic synthesis of multi-core platform
  • Implementation of Master/Slave technique to realize low power core architecture and requisition of its patent
Research Contents
  • Development of multi-core platform which includes the core, peripherals, analog IPs, and baseband modem
  • Low power platform which is based on Master/Slave architecture technique and consumes power less than 0.5mW/MHz/core

  • Development of SW toolchain which includes OS, compiler, and device driver

  • Automatic synthesis of multi-core platform

Expected Contribution
  • Implementation and distribution of basic smart IT platform for M2M/IoT