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Research Contents

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2-4 Smart Mobility Platform

Topic 1. Development of utility technology for smart mobility
  • Kyungil Cho, CISS
  • HyungWon Kim, Chungbuk National Univ. (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Development of bone-conduction ear-set
  • Development of 3D gesture recognition system
  • Development of wireless sensor network platform
Research Contents
  • Development of noise reduction, equalizer filter design, bone-conduction unit
  • Development of MEMS-based 3D gesture recognition system using ultrasound발
  • Development of wireless sensor network platform for high-speed moving motilities

Expected Contribution
  • Solution of noise reduction for high quality call and equalizer filter design
  • Solution of short range 3D gesture recognition using 2D MEMS ultrasound sensors
TOPIC 2 : Development of electric power technology for smart mobility
  • Kyeong-Hak Lee, CISS
  • Hyunwook Lee, CISS
  • Kyung-Goo Moh, CISS
  • Soon-Cheol Kweon, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
  • Development of wireless power transfer, power gauging, and battery package for smart mobility
Research Contents
  • Development of long range multi-frequency wireless power transfer technology
  • Development of gauging technology of battery remains without power consumption
  • Development of small battery package for mobility vehicle

Expected Contribution
  • Development of RF Matching Solution, wireless powering solution
  • A solution for solving the power supply problem to low power sensor nodes
TOPIC 3 : Development of vehicles for smart mobility
  • Daeyi Jung, CISS
  • Naehyuck Chang, KAIST (Electrical Engineering)
  • Dong Bin Park, CISS
  • Lee, Young Il, Seoul Tech (Electrical and Information Engineering)
  • Remodeling the electric vehicle for rough road
  • Development of motor controller for electric vehicle

Research Contents
  • Development of battery package for electric vehicle of rough road
  • Development of high efficiency utility power package for remodeling electric vehicle
  • Development of power train system for remodeling electric vehicle
Expected Contribution
  • Enhancement of remodeling electric vehicle efficiency and battery life time
  • Expand to electric boat market using developed battery package, BSM and so on
TOPIC 4 : Research on extendable small drone platform for multi-agent scenarios
  • David Hyunchul Shim, KAIST (Aerospace Engineering)
  • This project has purpose to research and develop a extendable small drone platform. The aim of this project is to lay out small drone platforms which is capable of showing various performance and to fuse the resultant technology of the same tasks with the smart wireless sensor network. As analyzing the required flight control performance, we will build a performance platform through development, verification, and multi-operation.

Research Contents
  • Development of smart small drone platform for multi-agent performance scenario
    - Design Flight Control Computer
    - Development of small drone platform adding Flight Control Computer on frame
  • Research on source algorithm for multi-agent operation
    - Research on Collision Avoidance algorithm for multi-agent operation
    - Development of mission algorithm
    - Showing demo performance
  • Research on Network based multi-agent operation
    - Development of multi-drone operation scenarios
    - Demonstration of multi-drone operation scenarios
  • Development of various small drone platform operation
    - Construction and demonstration of various scenarios for commercialization

Expected Contribution
  • In this study, technical achievements of multi-agent drone operation were created
  • Because it includes algorithm for basic attitude control flight, it can be used for small-scale project
  • It can be used as a learning material as providing easy development environment
  • Will retain first-place in utilizing and using small drone platform.
TOPIC 5 : Developing of Nanogenerators for Self-powered sensornode platform
  • Keon Jae Lee, KAIST (Materials Science & Engineering)
  • Prof. Keon Jae Lee (KAIST Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering)
  • The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the high performance flexible nanogenerators with power density of 50mW/cm3 and output current of 1mA by innovation of materials, structure, and process. That can be used for electrical power of sensor nodes with charging or replacing battery.
Expected Contribution
  • The large area transfer process and nanocomposite synthesis technology from this project are fusion technology of NT/IT, which would provide source technology, patents, and SCI papers. Moreover, the high-performance nanogenerator can be used for power source of sensor nodes