Expected Effect

Expected Effect

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Nano-scale Innovative Device Developmentview research

  • Ultra-low-power logic circuits, and intelligent three-dimensional neural circuits
  • Ultra-low-power electro-mechanical circuits, ultra-low-power spin devices at room temperature
  • Biological energy generation and storage
  • Element technology, such as self-assembled nanoscale meta-materials and high-precision structure

Smart IT Convergence Platformsview research

  • Many-core on-chip platform, ultra-low-power many-core operating system/software
  • 3D IC platform with sensors, processors, and data transmission systems
  • Low-power/high-speed 3D ultra-high-speed data transmission circuits

Multi-functional Smart Sensor Systemsview research

  • Ultra-sensitive biomedi sensors and Lab-on-a-chip
  • High-resolution/ultra-small imaging platforms