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Youngbae Hwang

3-4-9 Project Director

  • Affiliation Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Tel +82-31-739-7478
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  • Research TopicSensor noise & Low-level vision
Project : The Development of Sensor Noise Model based Low-level Image Processing
Purpose ● Development of noise model and low-level image pre-processing methods
● Development of ISP by HW dedicated IP and low-power and area optimization
● Depth accuracy enhancement by semantically meaningful edge extraction robust to lens blur and illumination changes
Contents ● Image noise and distortion correction for enhancing depth accuracy
- Development of noise removal method by modeling sensor noise itself in low-light condition
- Development of blur removal method based on correct motion estimation by calibrating vision and IMU

● Low-power Sensor Noise Model-based Denoising & distortion removal Hardware IP
- Low-power and area optimization of noise removal algorithm for implementing ASIC
- Development of a dedicated hardware IP to satisfy the performance with low-power simultaneously

● Edge detection robust to image blur and illumination changes for enhancing depth accuracy
- Development of depth extraction method using RGB and IR image pair
- Development of robust edge detection method using RGB and depth
Expected Contribution
● Market activation of security systems and smart devices with ISP having strong noise and distortion removal ability in low-light condition
● Creation of new market due to improved recognition performance using enhanced input for various applications such as mobile robots, smart cars and smart devices
No Title Year Phase
3 Bayesian filtering for Keyframe-based visual SLAM 2015.04. Phase 2
2nd year
2 Memory-efficient SURF architecture for ASIC implementation 2014.07. Phase 2
1st year
1 Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filtering with Gaussian Mixture Models for Robust Visual Tracking 2014.04 Phase 2
1st year
No Title Country Date Phase
1 이미지 센서 노이즈 모델 기반 필터링 방법 및 이를 적용한 영상 시스템 KR 2014-06-09 Phase 2
1st year
No title Conference Name Date Phase
2 Color Transfer using Probabilistic Moving Least Squares IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2014-06-22 Phase 2
1st year
1 Memory optimization of bilateral filter and its hardware implementation IEEE ISCE 2014 2014-06-22 Phase 2
1st year