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HyungWon Kim

2-4-8 Project Director

  • Affiliation Chungbuk National University
  • Tel +82-43-261-2399
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  • Research TopicWireless Sensor network, Low power wireless network, Mixed Signal SoC, Touch screen controller, medical sensor network
Project : Smart Wireless Sensor Network Technology and Platform
Purpose We plan to develop resilient wireless mesh network for HD video streaming. For this research, we will conduct research on MAC protocol and network algorithms targetting minimum latency and low power.
Contents We will develop resilient wirelesss mesh network for HD video streaming, which consists of the following research work:
- WiFi MAC protocol study for minimal latency multi-hop networks
- For low power real-time HD video transfer, study sensor networks with 30% improvement in power consumtion and data rate.
- Multi-Channel resilient wireless mesh network algorithms that are robust against interference
Expected Contribution O The outcome of this research is expected to enable wireless networks to transfer HD video streams over longer distance, which use the developed technology that overcomes the limits of the physical channel and distance.
O The developed wireless video transfer technology, one of the key technologies of IOT (Internet of Things), is expected to excellerate the advancement of other IT industry such as automobiles, contents, medical, environment industries.
No Title Year Phase
1 Concurrent Driving Method with Fast Scan Rate for Large Mutual Capacitance Touch Screens 2015.06. Phase 2
2nd year
No Title Country Date Phase
2 링크 점유율을 이용한 무선 센서 네트워크의 저전력 라우팅 방법 및 이를 기록한 기록매체 KR 2014-11-26 Phase 2
2nd year
1 주파수분할감지를 이용한 터치스크린 컨트롤 장치 및 방법 KR 2014-02-14 Phase 2
1st year
No title Conference Name Date Phase
3 Utilization-Aware Channel Allocation and Routing for Mesh Networks for Battery-Powered Surveillance Cameras IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications 2014-05-13 Phase 2
1st year
2 Low Power Routing and Channel Allocation Method of Wireless Video Sensor Networks for Internet of Things(IoT) IEEE World Forum of Internet of Things (IoT) 2014-03-06 Phase 2
1st year
1 Multi-Channel Routing for Wireless Mesh Networks of Event Driven Visual Sensors CEWIT2014 (Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology) 2013-10-21 Phase 2
1st year