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Ho Won Jang

1-1-4 Project Director

  • Affiliation SNU (Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Tel +82-2-880-1720
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  • Research TopicChemical sensor array based on two-dimensional nanomaterials
Project : High sensitivity, high reliability, and low power chemical sensor array based on 2D nanomaterials for mobile real-time environmental monitoring
Purpose The goal of this project is the development of high sensitivity, high reliability and low power consumption chemical sensor array based on two-dimensional nanomaterials for real-time environmental monitoring that can be applied to the mobile device. The implementation of the individual graphene-based sensors with surface decoration using various functional groups and metal nanoparticles will result in a 3X3 sensor array that can detect 6 different air pollutants with low power consumption (10 μW). The final goal of the project is developing a 10X10 sensor array based on two-dimensional nanomaterials based on graphene, MoS2, and oxide nanosheets.
Contents Using two-dimensional nanomaterials, a sensor array which can detect ammonia (NH3), surfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), hygrogen disulfide (H2S), and toluene selectively will be developed.
(1) Technologies for the shape control and surface decoration for two-dimensional nanomaterials
■ Film coating with monolayer 2D nanomaterials
■ Surface decoration with metal nanoparticles and self-assembled monolayers
(2) Technologies for the fabricating high sensitivity, high reliability, and low power consumption two-dimensional nanomaterias-based sensors
■ Sensor design and fabrication
■ Control of baseline resistance and improvement of selectivity and response speed
● Power consumption lower than 10μW
(3) Technologies for fabricating sensor array and processing sensor signals
● Integration of 9 sensors on a single substrate and analyzing the sensor signals for checking and improving selectivity to target gases
Expected Contribution - Through the development of chemical sensor array based on two-dimensional nanomaterials, securing a key patent is easy
- Import substitution effect for the sensor materials that are imported from Japan and Germany (50 billion per year in 2018)
- Improving the price competitiveness and performance of domestic sensors
- Establish a technical foundation to build an ultra-compact air quality monitoring system based on highly sensitive chemical sensor array which can be applied to existing mobile devices
- The world market for environmental sensing and monitoring is expected to reach $ 15.3 billion in 2016
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