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Yunju Baek

2-2-7 Project Director

Project : open platform based smart personal camera technology using sensor event logging
Purpose ○ Development of the smart personal camera technology
- Developing the smart personal camera device technology for life logging and safe monitoring
- A smart personal camera is a platform for extracting the event information by using camera with sensors and passing video with event data using wireless communication
- Smart personal camera includes the following features:
ㆍReal-time monitoring of the surrounding environment by the camera and store-and-forwarding the related data
ㆍThe ability to share the collected event information to the cloud server and smart device using wireless communication
ㆍTracking the location of the device using sensor or wireless network
Contents ○ Development of smart personal camera platform
- Development of portable hardware platform using small low-end processor
- Analyzing the camera images through computer vision library and extracting the events
- Communicating with smart devices and cloud server via a Wi-Fi based wireless network
○ Development of event logging and transmission technology
- Extracting the custom event information using video camera and various sensors
- Establishing action plan by setting desired event
- Storing the extracted event information to the inside and passing the data over the wireless network
○ Development of cloud-based service
- Storing the extracted event information in the cloud server
- Querying the events and video using user's smart device or computer
- Providing cloud service considering the mobility of the portable devices
○ Development of the software technology
- Designing the service platform, user interface and related technology
Expected Contribution ○ Easy to provide camera-based monitoring and management service
- Offering a variety of conveniences by day-to-day recording and tracking of individuals requiring surveillance service
- Preventing theft of personal belongings and reducing financial losses

○ Providing custom service using open platform device
- Utilizing the advantages of an open platform device
- Useful in varieties of applications, and educational and research purposes
No Title Year Phase
1 차량 네트워크에서 고속 영상처리 기반 스마트 카메라 기술 2015.01. Phase 2
2nd year
No Title Country Date Phase
2 차량 환경에서 와이파이 피투피 네트워크를 형성하는 방법 및 장치 KR 2014-06-27 Phase 2
1st year
1 영상 메타데이터 태깅 및 무선통신 기반의 스마트 차량용 카메라 기술과 그의 장치를 이용한 정보 거래 서비스 제공 방법 KR 2014-02-03 Phase 2
1st year
No title Conference Name Date Phase
3 Design and Implementation of Low-power Location Tracking System Based on IEEE 802.11 ICESS 2014 2014-08-20 Phase 2
1st year
2 Wi-Fi P2P를 이용한 차량 네트워크 플랫폼의 설계 및 구현 한국통신학회 2014-06-25 Phase 2
1st year
1 고속 영상처리를 지원하는 차량 네트워크 기반 스마트 카메라 장치의 설계 및 구현 한국통신학회 2014-06-25 Phase 2
1st year