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Dongkun Shin

2-3-6 Project Director

  • Affiliation Sungkyunkwan Univ. (Information and Communication Engineering)
  • Tel +82-31-299-4584
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  • Research TopicSoftware Platform & Operating Systems & Storage
Project : OPEL Software Platform Development
Purpose ○ The main purpose of the research is to develop an open software platform which is able to collect, manage, and process sensor data and image data. In terms of application developers, the open software platform provides an easy-to-make environment. Additionally, it offers the ecosystem, which enables end-users to use a variety of IoT services.
Contents ○ The research provides a software stack, including an abstraction layer for collecting and managing sensor data and image data. In order to offer the efficient software stack, characteristics of sensor and image data need to be considered. As a result, the research tries to find an efficient way to provide programmers with the software stack.
Expected Contribution ○ Several existing IoT platforms and image processing hardware mostly are enclosed types and constraint on their usages. Accordingly, the research proposes the open platform which provides a wide range of usages based on the variety of hardware devices. Consequently, the research will apply for patents and publish papers in order to secure core technologies. Those will be provided for developing new products.
No Title Year Phase
No Title Country Date Phase
3 블랙박스 장치를 위한 불휘발성 메모리의 단편화 방지 방법 및 장치 KR 2014-05-30 Phase 2
1st year
2 영상 사고 기록 장치의 저장 공간에 버퍼를 이용하여 파일을 관리하는 장치 및 방법 KR 2014-04-03 Phase 2
1st year
1 영상 사고 기록 장치의 저장 공간에 파일을 저장하는 방법 및 시스템 KR 2014-03-17 Phase 2
1st year
No title Conference Name Date Phase
2 Optimizing Power Consumption of Memory Deduplication Scheme The 18th IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics 2014-06-22 Phase 2
1st year
1 Per-Block-Group Journaling for Improving Fsync Response Time The 18th IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics 2014-06-22 Phase 2
1st year

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