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Dong-Ik Kim

3-3-1 Project Director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-42-350-8804
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  • Research TopicDevelopment of subminiature particulate matter sensors
Project : Development of subminiature particulate matter sensors
Purpose ○ Development of one-third subminiature particulate matter (PM) sensors compared with commercial sensors
○ Development of high-sensitivity, high-accuracy, low-powered particulate matter sensors
Contents ○ Design and fabrication of optical system for subminiaturization
○ Searching for optimal scattering angle using Mie scattering simulation
○ Optical simulation and structure design for reflected light suppression inside PM sensors
○ Searching for optimal low-powered light sources suitable for PM sensors
○ Structure design and fabrication of subminiature PM sensors using air convection simulation
○ PCB design for subminiaturization
○ Calibration system setup and development of calibration algorithm
Expected Contribution ○ Air tracker embedded PM sensors for indoor PM monitoring
○ Embedded PM sensors for personal environmental monitoring system
○ Utilization of local PM prediction owing to portable size
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