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Sang-Jin Lee

3-4-2 Project Director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-42-350-8805
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  • Research TopicCMOS Image Sensor (CIS)
Project : Development of Image Sensors for DA Camera
Purpose - Technology development of high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor for applying DA and surveillance cameras.
- CMOS image sensor development to obtain high quality images under low light condition and small photodiode area by low noise and high gain analog readout circuits.
Contents - Design and performance optimization of high-sensitivity CIS
- Low power circuit design of high-sensitivity CIS
- Design efficient CIS architectures for depth extraction
- Performance improvements for various applications
- Fabrication and verification
Expected Contribution - Enhancement of depth extraction performance of DA camera
- Acquirement of high-sensitivity CIS technology for DA and surveillance cameras
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