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Seunghyuk Chang

3-4-3 Project Director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-2-3498-7532
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  • Research TopicInfrared imaging system, Off-axis reflective optics
Project : Development of off-axis reflective imaging system
Purpose ○ Research on obstruction-free off-axis reflective imaging system
○ Development of zero-chromatic-aberration camera system
○ Implement compact wide-field imaging system
Contents ○ Obstruction-free off-axis reflective imaging system
- Optical design with no optical path interference
- Minimization of various aberrations caused by off-axis configuration
- Study on baffle system for off-axis reflective imaging system

○ Wide-field reflective optics
- Achieve wide field by minimizing aberrations and low field curvature
- Simple optical system with reduced number of optical elements
- Obtain compact system by optimizing the angle and distance between off-axis mirrors
Expected Contribution ○ Replace expensive lens system of thermal imaging camera with off-axis reflective optics
○ Improve the performance of camera system by eliminating chromatic aberration
○ Improve the optical alignment due to simple holding mechanism of off-axis mirrors
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