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Hyuntae Cho

3-3-2 Project Director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-42-350-8705
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  • Research TopicWireless Video Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems
Project : Development of a Wireless Video Sensor Network Platform
Purpose ○ The purpose of the project is to pursue a secure and comfortable social infrastructure by developing reliable and fast video transmission, and low-power operation technique for the wireless video sensor network platform which includes intelligent video sensors and wireless network technology.
Contents ○ The key feature of the project is to develop a smart camera (smart video sensor) for security and surveillance, and to efficiently deliver the video data to the remote control center via wireless network. Currently, many vendors have launched intelligent cameras but they have a limitation on power and network. In order to avoid the network problem, some approaches use wireless mesh networking technology. However, traditional wireless mesh technology does not support a large-scale network because they did not consider the size of the video data and network. In addition, they can not operate at battery-based systems because they consume too much energy. To overcome above problems, the research topic includes
- Design and development of a smart video sensor node
- Low-power operation and reliable video transmission
- Hierarchical event detection for low-power operation of the system
- IEEE 802.11 based multi-channel communication and video transmission
Expected Contribution ○ We expect that the developed system and network infra can prevent crimes because they can monitor everywhere near our life like residential areas or streets. In addition, it can provide secure and reliable social infra by using for illegal parking and vehicle, criminal arrest, etc. because the system includes wireless networking technology and accesses the server like DBMS or Internet regardless of the time.
No Title Year Phase
No Title Country Date Phase
5 혈액측정기 KR 2014-11-10 Phase 2
2nd year
4 基于近距离无线通信的传感器测量装置及利用此的测量方法 CN 2014-09-02 Phase 2
2nd year
3 基于近距离无线通信的生物传感器测量装置及其测量方法 CN 2014-09-02 Phase 2
2nd year
2 주거 환경에서 센싱 데이터를 로깅하는 방법 및 시스템 KR 2014-09-01 Phase 2
2nd year
1 전단 이벤트 감지장치 및 이를 이용한 저전력 카메라 시스템 KR 2014-07-07 Phase 2
1st year
No title Conference Name Date Phase
1 Wireless Video Sensor Network Platform and Its Application for Public Safety IEEE international conference on embedded software and systems 2014-08-20 Phase 2
1st year