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Kang Yi

2-2-8 Project Director

  • Affiliation Handong Global Univ. (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
  • Tel +82-54-260-1387
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  • Research TopicVisual Data Encryption and Visual Event Detection
Project : Data Integrity Assurance and Encryption and Visual Event Detection for Vehicular Surveillance Camera considering Energy-Rate-Distortion Optimization
Purpose 1. Development of Vision-based Vehicular Event Detector
2. Multimedia event data storing method with data integrity and security assurance
Contents 1. Vision-based vehicular event detector
● vehicle detection and lane detection, and road modeling is a core topics of this research. For vehicle detection in both daytime and nighttime should be considered. For lane detection, curved as well as straight line case should be considered. And, for road modeling up-hills and down-hill cases should be considered.
● The objectives of the research is to provide drivers with ADAS functions for safe automotive driving. We have to consider time overhead and energy overhead as well as detection accuracy.
● Our target is HD sized video and sampling rates are higher than 10 fps.
2. Data Integrity assurance and encryption
● Becasuse multimedia data size is huge, we should work in compressed domain.
● Objectives of integrity of data is to detect falsification of data including modification, insertion, deletion, and order changes of the original video. Especially the integrity assurance system should work well when the video block data should be evicted to handle the case when the limit of storage capacity is reached by video data.
● The Video Encryption need real time operation as well as high perceptual security to protect privacy from surveillance camera
Expected Contribution 1) Becasue ADAS technology is at the early stage the research result will be highly effective to the market. Since, the black box market in Korea is maturing new technology breakthrough is needed to enlarge the market size. Thus, the vehicle detection and lane detection should be a key technology for the ICT coupled with automotive market.
2) Video Encryption is required technology for public surveillance camera to protect privacy. It ultimately helps the expansion of surveillance camera market as well as securing human rights. Video integrity assurance is also a must-have function of a car black bx for the recorded data to be effective as an evidence of accidents.
No Title Year Phase
4 Energy-efficient illumination-invariant change detection in DCT coefficient domain for vehicular black box camera 2015.05. Phase 2
2nd year
3 주파수 영역에서의 계수 값 변환에 의한 공간 영역에서의 기하학적 변환과 이를 이용한 이미지 경량 암호화 2015.02. Phase 2
2nd year
2 순환형 데이터 블록 체이닝을 이용한 차량용 블랙박스의 영상 데이터 무결성 보장 기법 2014.11. Phase 2
2nd year
1 A robust lightweight fingerprint encryption using random block feedback 2014.05 Phase 2
1st year
No Title Country Date Phase
3 압축 영상의 암호화 방법 및 시스템 KR 2014-11-27 Phase 2
2nd year
2 무결성 검증 데이터 생성 방법 및 시스템 KR 2014-10-08 Phase 2
2nd year
1 압축된 이미지의 기하학적 변환 방법 및 시스템 KR 2014-10-08 Phase 2
2nd year
No title Conference Name Date Phase