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Dong Sam Ha

2-2-10 Project Director

Project : Development of PMIC and Battery SoH estimator
Purpose ● Development of an algorithm and a prototype for state of health estimation for car batteries
● Development of a PMIC for stick cameras which achieves high efficiency
● Development of a PMIC for car blackboxes which achieves high efficiency
Contents ● The processor for the stick camera under development has two operation modes, active and sleep. The goal of the research is to develop a multi-phase converter in which each converter is optimized for the target operation mode.
● The power block of a car blackbox has two stages. The first stage is 12V/5V D/DC conversion. The technical problem for the first state is a large voltage difference between the input and output and large power dissipation. To address the technical problem, we adopt a three-level buck converter. The goal of the research is to achieve high efficiency for both active and sleep modes.
● The terminal voltage waveform of a car battery during cranking is affected by the state of health of the battery. So, it is feasible to estimate the battery state of health by analyzing the waveform. The goal of the research is to develop an algorithm to estimate the battery state of health and to develop a prototype using a general purpose processor.
Expected Contribution ● The major problem with existing stick cameras and car blackboxes lies in large power consumption, which is a major roadblock for a wide adoption of the two products. The proposed research on the PMICs will remove the roadblock.
● The battery state of health estimator will be a useful feature of cars.
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