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Chong-Ook Park

3-3-5 Project Director

  • Affiliation KAIST (Materials Scinece and Engineering)
  • Tel +82-42-350-4218
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  • Research TopicThermodynamics & Electrochemical Sensor
Project : Development a system for detecting the degradation of insulating oil
Purpose ◎ Implementation and commercialization of the Insulating oil degradation detection system using Park-Rapp probe
◎ Development of high-efficiency, low-cost hydrogen sensor by applying tape casting technology
◎ Packaging development for the measurement of hydrogen and gas separation through a gas permeable membrane
◎ Design and implementation of the insulating oil degradation detection algorithm and electrical circuits
Contents ◎Design and implementation of sensor packaging having stability at high
-Design and fabrication of the solid electrochemical hydrogen sensor by
applying tape casting technology to Park-Rapp probe

◎Development of sensor packaging and measuring device for insulating oil
-Design of the packaging which can prevent heat from entering/existing the
-Development of the measuring device which can measure hydrogen gas
separated from and collected through a gas permeable membrane

◎Design/Implementation of circuit for temperature compensation and
measurement algorithm
-Checking sensor signal characteristics and design of the temperature compensation circuit
-Design and implementation of an oxygen-pumping driving algorithm to
eliminate oxygen gas present inside the packaging and interferes with hydrogen gas measurement

◎Prototype testing of system for detecting oil degradation and development of production process
-Making a prototype including the sensor and peripheral circuits
-Finding ways to secure reliability through field evaluations
Expected Contribution ◎ Suggestion of new product and its business model of Park-Rapp probe
◎ Suggestion of the model of basic research industrialization
◎ Transformer accident prevention and the Enhancing the social safety net
◎ Enhancing the vitality of the weak domestic measuring equipment industry
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