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Gyuseong Cho

3-3-9 Project Director

Project : Development of Mobile Environmental Radiation Sensor & Dosimeter
Purpose This project developments the ‘compact environment radiation sensor’ based on silicon sensor with plastic scintillator and the ‘mobile environment radiation dosimeter’ for analyzing the type of radioisotope.
Contents This radiation detector devise is consisted of some components, for example, radiation detector coupled with SiPM, high sensitivity silicon sensor, and plastic scintillator, and the other is electric circuit component as pre-amplifier, main amplifier, single channel analyzer. From combining of two core components, this innovative electronic radiation detector can easily and accurately analyze the environmental radioisotope and personal equivalent dose.
Expected Contribution ○ Securing the future fundamental technology in high sensitivity compact radiation sensor based on silicon sensor. So it can take the domestic market and lead the overseas market.
○ Lowering the manufacturing cost by development the portable radiation detection platform which can measure the personal dose or radioisotope, for enhancement the availability of radiation detector.
○ Progressing the radiation detection technology by development the wireless network for personal dose or environmental dose information.
○ Constructing the system of environmental radiation monitoring for industrial or nuclear power plant and relieving the anxiety of public.
No Title Year Phase
No Title Country Date Phase
1 복수의 단일채널분석기를 이용하는 전자식 개인선량계 KR 2014-03-31 Phase 2
1st year
No title Conference Name Date Phase
2 Compositon Optimization of polystyrene Based Plastic Scintillator SORMA 2014 2014-06-09 Phase 2
1st year
1 Characteristics of Miniaturized CsI(Tl) Scintillator for Mobile Radiation Detector SORMA 2014 2014-06-09 Phase 2
1st year