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Je, Minkyu

3-3-9 Project Co-director

Project : Development of Low-Power Smart Gas Sensor Interface Circuit
Purpose This project aims at developing low-power high-performance smart interface circuits which operate with resistive gas sensors for next-generation smart gas sensor systems.
Contents ○ Gas sensor readout circuit – The circuit converts the resistance change of the gas sensor to the digital readout with high resolution and large dynamic range while consuming very low power.
○ Heating and temperature control circuit – The circuit drives the embedded heating element to operate the sensor at high temperatures set with high control accuracy. The power overhead for the circuit operation is minimized.
○ Calibration and compensation circuit – The circuit calibrates and compensates the sensor response to suppress the degradation of the sensor system accuracy caused by the drift and variation of sensor characteristics.
○ Gas sensor system – The developed interface circuits are integrated with the gas sensors and other functional modules to implement a gas sensor system.
Expected Contribution ○ Securing core circuit technologies which are essential for next-generation smart gas sensor systems
○ Mitigating the nation’s heavy dependence on imported gas sensors and raising the competitiveness in the world market by enabling the miniaturization and power reduction of the gas sensor products for various applications
○ Contributing to the improvement of environment and public health by extending the offer of wireless smart gas sensor systems to much larger user base
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