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Dongsoo Han

2-3-4 Project Co-director

  • Affiliation KAIST (Computer Science)
  • Tel +82-42-350-3562
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  • Research TopicLocation Aware Mobile Computing
Project : Development of Global Indoor Positioning and Navigation System Using Various Sensors and Signals
Purpose - Development of door-to-door navigation system based on hybrid positioning system
- Development of automatic radio map construction system through crowdsourcing
Contents Hybrid Positioning System
- Development of stand-alone positioning system (INS, PDR, WLAN, BLE, etc.)
- Research on novel similarity measure suitable for wireless signals
- Research on hybrid positioning engine to produce optimal user location
- Development of filtering methods including signal filter, Kalman filter, and map matching filter

Door-to-door Navigation
- Research on precise in/out-door classification method based on sound
- Research on seamless in/out-door mode transition of navigation
- Development of prototype of door-to-door navigation system.

Crowdsourced radio map construction
- Research on radio map construction method for staying area using user address
- Research on radio map construction method for moving area
Expected Contribution - Holding core technologies for global indoor positioning system
- Providing indoor location information for various location-based application
- Providing convenience for users with door-to-door navigation
- Enhancement of competitiveness of domestic mobile manufacturers leveraging various location based services
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