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Taejoong Lee

3-3-1 Project Co-director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-42-350-8806
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  • Research TopicHardware platform for smart IT product and sensor applications
Project : A FPGA platform setup and build for the low power sensor application and smart IT product development.
Purpose Rapid proto-type development is needed for low power sensor application and development of smart IT products. It is necessary to implement the algorithm or logic implemented in hardware with existing software IP to process the image data at a high speed.
The purpose of this study is to validate the software IP that is developed by the research team, and that can be applied to more quickly on the actual product, after preparing the FPGA platform for more efficient test and fast verification of image data.
Contents By building the FPGA platform is applied to the hardware of the following projects in progress in CISS.
- A development of blackbox module
- A development of StiCAM module
- Sensor applications
Expected Contribution By providing a FPGA platform for low-power image processing and data transfer, the expected utilization for fast proto-type development applied to Blackbox and StiCAM modules currently under development in our research center and also as a platform for building device driver for low power sensor application development are available.
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