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Kyeong-Hak Lee

2-5-1 Project Co-director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-42-350-8710
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  • Research TopicSmall Antenna, Adaptive Matching Control, High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Design, Wireless Power Transfer
Project : Development of Long-Range Wireless charging solution & Core technology for wireless charging system
Purpose ○ Development of RF Matching Solution necessary for efficient energy transfer
○ Excellent heat-dissipating material research and design the high efficiency power amplifier module
○ Watch type wireless power transmission and NFC system design
Contents ○ Development of low-cost & excellent heat dissipation materials
- Development of materials that can be reduced by minimizing the characteristic heat during high power transfer
: Development of material using Al2O3 and Metal
: Hybrid materials developed to replace the AlN material
: Design the PA Module using Hybrid materials

○ Development of RF Matching Solution
- Optimization Antenna Pattern & Matching design for improving the transmission distance and the transmission efficiency of the wireless charging
: Improvement of wireless power transmission efficiency using adaptive matching technology
: Development of matching method according to changes in the environment when applying magnetic resonance
: Minimizes the PA efficiency when the antenna matching changes

□ Watch type wireless power transmission and NFC system design
- NFC antenna and a wireless power transmission system development that can be applied to a small space
Expected Contribution ○ Development of RF Matching Solution
- Minimizes operating costs
(eliminates cost to hard wire or replace batteries)
- Wireless powering solution for various applications
○ Excellent heat-dissipating material research
- Low-cost, high-performance PAM Package technology localization
○ Watch type wireless power transmission and NFC system design
- Miniaturization of the wireless power transmit module and Wireless powering for various applications
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