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Kyung-Goo Moh

2-4-2 Project Director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-42-350-8768
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  • Research TopicEnergy Harvesting, Wireless Power, Low Power Circuit, Battery Management, Low Power Wide Area Network
Project : Development of the Power Receiver Front-end Structure and Battery Management Technology for Low Power Sensor Nodes
Purpose ○ Development of the Power Receiver Front-end Structure for applying Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer Techniques
to Low-Power Sensor Nodes
○ Development of a Battery Gauging and Management Technique for Low-Power Sensor Nodes.
Contents ○ To power low-power sensor nodes by energy harvesting and wireless power transfer techniques, a technique is developed to
reduce sensitivity on Load Power Level and Impedance Matching Conditions.
○ To minimize needed power for Battery Gauging and Management of Low Power Sensor Nodes, a technique is developed,
for which only voltage need to be measured.
Expected Contribution ○ A Solution for solving the Power supply problem to low power sensor nodes.
○ Advanced power management techniques enabled by the Low-Power Battery Gauging and Management Techniques.
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