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Hyunwook Lee

2-4-1 Project Director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-42-350-8713
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  • Research TopicRF energy harvesting
Project : Wearable hybrid RF/Light/Thermal energy harvester
Purpose The purpose of this project is to realize Wearable Hybrid RF/Light/Thermal Energy Harvester(EH) to provide sensor-node composing WSN with constant power. Miniaturization and broad-band impedance matching of RF EH integrated with several power management systems of Light/Thermal EH are performed.
Contents ○ Flexible RF/Light energy harvester
- Analysis of state of the art technology
- Understanding several issues in designing conventional flexible RF/Light energy harvesters
- Embodiment of uni-planar flexible RF/Light energy harvester
- Quasi-lumped passive components on uni-planar transmission line
- Broad-band impedance matching

○ Thermal energy harvester on fabric and flexible power management module
- Decreasing both thickness and area of TEG
- Reducing heat loss and enhancing flexibility of TEG
- Environmental analysis of thermal energy harvester (according to indoor, outdoor, momentum, and clothing)
- Design of central power management system (CPMS) on 50μm-flexible film
- Flexible power management module consisting of CPMS, low power system, and micro energy cell
▶ Wearable hybrid RF/Light/Thermal energy harvester
- Sacking up RF/Light energy harvester on TEG
- Performance optimization of RF energy harvester with human body.
- Environmental examination in a real-life indoor or outdoor and comparison of the results
Expected Contribution ○ Development of energy harvesting technique
- Contribution to progression of ambient energy scavenging and wireless power transmission
- Derivation of novel design in electronic equipment according to reduced battery volume
- Offering hybrid energy harvesting platforms with practical high data rates diversity

○ Economic effect
- Decline in dependence on imported energy and environmental pollution
- Activating development of ubiquitous technique with smart grid
- Promoting renewable energy industry
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