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Chul Hee Lee

3-4-5 Project Director

Project : 3D Body Scanner
Purpose O Research for developing fast and high resolution 3D body scanner with the low-cost part which can open a mass market.
Contents O Development of photogeometric depth measuring technique using a high-resolution structured light with DLP and multiple cameras
- Better depth resolution and accuracy employing a photogeometric method which combines benefits of structured-light and stereo-photometry
- New image processing and structured-lighting methods for additional accuracy
O Research for fast and accurate calibration method for multiple cameras and projectors
O Development of the depth measuring technique for fast and high –resolution surround scanning
Expected Contribution O Development of 3D body scanner using photogeometric method
O Low-cost , high- resolution , high-speed human body scanning technique which can open up new markets
O Expansion to 3D scanning market of medical , Printing & Publishing , industry , national defense , science , etc.
O Creating new demand in junction with the 3D printing market
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