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Youngmin You

3-2-2 Project Director

  • Affiliation Ewha Women’s Univ. (Chemical Engineering & Materials Science)
  • Tel +82-2-3277-4275
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  • Research Topicelectroluminescent materials, biosensors, photoredox catalysis
Project : Molecular Approach to the Development of Photofunctional Compounds for Monitoring and Modulating Chemical Signals in Neuronal Networks
Purpose 1. Establishment of a series of phosphorescence probes capable of time-gated detection of synaptic zinc in vivo
2. Development of multifunctional molecular probes that visualize and control messenger molecules in neuronal networks
Contents 1. Development of a molecular phosphorescence probe for visualization of synaptic zinc
2. Development of molecular fluorescence probes for detection of nitric oxide (NO)
3. Development of biocompatible molecules showing high photothermal efficiencies or singlet oxygen (1O2) photosensitization
4. Establishment of photofunctional molecular assemblies for understanding of the signaling actions by zinc-NO homeostasis
Expected Contribution 1. Providing molecular tools capable of real-time visualization of chemical signals in neural networks
2. Optimization of probe properties with respect to efficiencies, detection limits, and capability for multifunctionality
3. Devising novel classes of molecules that can execute photoinduced modulation of signaling molecules
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