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Yoonmyung Lee

2-1-3 Project Director

Project : Ultra-low power energy harvesting and power management platform design for miniature smart sensor system
Purpose O Low voltage/power energy harvesting and power management for miniature sensor systems
- Energy harvesting from sub-100mV sub-1nW DC energy sources
- High-efficiency DC-DC converter on μW power for DVS
- Implementation with miniature sensor system and IP development
Contents O Low voltage/power energy harvesting and power management is to be implemented on-chip for mm-scale sensor systems
- Energy harvester which can harvest energy from sub-100mV and sub-1nW DC energy source is to be designed to energy harvesting from future energy sources such as glucose fuel cells or bio-potentials
- On-chip DC-DC converter is to be implemented on μW power level. Fine-grain voltage control is required for applying DVS for miniature sensor systems, hence variable-ratio converter with wide power range is requried for the converter.
- Both energy harvester and DC-DC converter is going to be integrated as singe power management IC for ultra-low power miniature sensor system.
Expected Contribution O Realizing energy harvesting on unprecedented power/voltage level
→ Enabling new biomedical applications
O Enhancing power management efficiency with ultra-small sensor systems
→ Extending battery lifetime of ultra-small sensor systems
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