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Jongmoo Choi

2-2-9 Project Director

  • Affiliation Dankook Univ. (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
  • Tel +82-31-8005-3242
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  • Research TopicSystem software, Mobile storage, Architecture-aware resource management, Virtualization
Project : OPEL Optimization
Purpose ◯ OPEL kernel-level optimization
­ Board-aware systematic optimization
­ Profiling based optimization
­ In-kernel direct path (user programmable)
◯ OPEL application development
­ Badge camera for pet
­ Event Logger Embedded
Contents ◯ OPEL kernel-level optimization
­ Board-aware systematic optimization: Exclude unnecessary SW components considering OPEL HW characteristics. Make a bunch of patch for optimization. Memory usage optimization.
­ Profiling based optimization: Identify performance bottlenecks and fix them. Apply cross-layer optimization. Performance optimization.
­ In-kernel direct path (user programmable): Design and Implement an in-kernel mechanism for fast latency between sensing and notification.
◯ OPEL application development
­ Badge camera for pet: Monitor a specific activity (such as bowwow) of a pet and take a picture based on the monitoring.
­ Event Logger Embedded: Implement an embedded event logger that can observe the access events such as read a file and modify a file in a USB or SSD. This can be used for monitoring an illegal data outflow.
Expected Contribution ◯ Obtain the OPEL software platform optimized for a variety of OPEL hardware (Seed, Cherry, Orange)
◯ Obtain diverse OPEL applications
◯ Support OPEL developer community
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