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Byung Yang Lee

3-1-2 Project Director

Project : Smart IoT colorimetric sensor system for determination of volatile components generated by food deterioration
Purpose Development of a innovative IoT sensor system composed of two main components: 
1)powerless sensor based on colorimetric change of biocompatible color-changing film
2) sensor response read-out system based on statistical data processing and decision-making algorithm
Contents ○ Development of the peptide-based fibrous material for color-changing film to identify the chemical gases caused by food deterioration: Develop early detection system for ammonia, methional, trimethylamine generated by meat/fish/milk deterioration
○ Development of self-assembly method of peptide-based fibrous material for color-changing film: Fabricate 2-dimensional multi-sensor device platforms to enhance the color-changing properties
○ Enhancement of sensitivity and selectivity for color-changing film using intelligent statistical algorithm of artificial neural networks: Process data from the Red/Green/Blue (RGB) color shift of color-changing film with statistical method of artificial neural network (ANN) to improve sensing properties such as sensitivity, selectivity, and limit of detection
○ Development of IoT sensor system using smartphone apps: Develop the 'smart' sensor readout devices to detect RGB color shift of color-changing film and to analyze the sensing properties with ANN
Expected Contribution ○ Provision of sustainable IoT sensor platform: Fundamental advances in the field of biomaterial assembly, sensor data processing, food safety, and logistics
○ Applications: Indoor air quality monitoring; Determination of the origin of food products
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