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Youngmin Song

3-4-6 Project Director

Project : Development of smart insert eye camera module for omni-directional motion detection
Purpose - Since insect's eye has an extremely wide field of view (FOV), high sensitivity to motion, and low energy consumption, major countries such as the United states and European nations are proceeding the research led by their governments. However, the current technologies developed so far have many difficulties to be deployed on a commercial scale.
- This project has a goal of developing compound eye camera modules and the related technologies that exceed the world highest level.
- The final goal of this project is developing the smart compound eye camera that can recognize the color (RGB) of objects, high sensitivity (quantum efficiency > 15%) and speed (25 frame/sec), and adaptively response to external environment (light-source integrated structure).
Contents - Primary goal of this project is developing the compound eye camera for commercialization level (modularization) by the 3rd year, followed by enhancement of functionality (high-speed operation, motion detection, light-source integrated structure) to overcome the limitation of the conventional technologies through the additional research.

O 2nd stage, 3rd year : Research on the base technologies of compound eye camera
- Development of flexible, thin film photodiode array
(Design of device structures / Characterization of the devices)
- Development of flexible microlens array
(Design of optical structures, Characterization of microlens)
- Development of image processing method
(Documentation, Implementation by C language)
- Design and Implementation of basic image processing system

O 3rd stage research plan & goal
(1) Demonstration of the compound eye camera based on FPGA
- Development of highly efficient, flexible photodiode
(Optical structure design, Characterization of the optical devices
- Development of digital signal processing unit (Verilog simulation)
- Development of the sensor-mounted prototype (FPGA-level verification)
(2) Demonstration of specific DSP-integrated compound eye camera
- Development of color filter integrated, flexible photodetector
(Verification of color characteristics)
- Implementation of digital signal processing unit IC
(FPGA-level verification, IC-level verification)
- Development of the compound eye camera module prototype
(Board-level verification, demonstration)
Expected Contribution - Since bio-inspired compound eye camera have many advantages such as ommidirectional imaging without the geometrical distortion, compact module, and low power consumption, it is one of promising candidates for the motion detection units from UAV to Unmanned robot. In addition, the following applications are expected.
● Provides new type of sensor system that overcome the disadvantages of the existing obstacle avoidance sensor technologies (IR sensor, radar, ultrasonic sensor)
● Possibility of new regulation on safey navigation and safety drive
● Pioneering new direction for the motion detection technologies based on compound eye cameras (e.g. Elementary Motion Detection, EMD) (cooperative study with the computation field.)
● Creating new demands for the related products (omni-directional sensor and imaging system).
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