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Choi, Hun Kyu

3-3-8 Project Director

Project : Fault Tolerant Smart RTU
Purpose Development of smart greenhouse using smart RTU controlling various IoT based sensors
Contents - Develop ARM11 based Raspberry Pi system
- Develop sensor module able to communicate through LoRa (Long-Range) mobile communication
- Develop Web Server to store various sensor data
- Develop applications to monitor and control total system from mobile terminal
- Develop automatic control system to control various actuators such as fan, water pump, LED lighting with temp/humidity, illuminations sensor data
- Smart greenhouse remote monitoring and management system is configured with smart RTU, wireless transmitter/receiver sensor module, 485 communications line for landline communication, switching box to control various actuators, PC, and remote terminal such as smart phones.

Remote monitoring and management system for smart greenhouse is Raspberry Pi based and various sensors communicate data through LoRa (Long-Range) wireless communication technology between greenhouse status data to RTU, and RTU stores various data to within RTU and outside server as well as controls video streaming through cameras installed inside of greenhouse. RTU controls various actuators such as fan, water pump, switch gear, LED by temperature/humidity, illuminations sensor data obtained.
User is able to remotely monitor and control using PC or smart phone thus improving agricultural environment while enhancing productivity.
Expected Contribution Improving productivity while minimizing labor force is the key reason for the development of our proposed system. Remotely managing greenhouse status with various sensor data while controlling it will enhance productivity and lifestyle of agricultural industry.
In addition, users can optimize greenhouse for different vegetation they are growing thus enhancing greenhouse productivity.
Lastly, users can save cost compared to previous systems available thus higher profits for the farmers.
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