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Jaehyung Park

2-2-1 Project Co-director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-2-3498-7537
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  • Research TopicWireless sensor network, Real-time embedded system, Machine learning
Project :
Purpose ○ Developing low-power and reliable vehicle blackbox system based on OPEL software platform
○ Development of devices that collect vehicle operation data and sensor data in the vehicle
Contents ○ Design of low-power and reliable smart blackbox hardware platform
- FullHD 2CH@2.3W with format-free file system and False positive filtering
- Device for collecting vehicle operation data (6DoF+BLE+OBD-II) and in-vehicle environment data(CO2, PM sensor)
- In-Vehicle infortainment device based on OPEL platform
Expected Contribution ○ Create services through core technologies of related project’s result
○ Increase market size of vehicle blackbox
○ Secure connecting tool with cloud service using a smartphone
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