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Seongchul Lee

2-2-2 Project Director

  • Affiliation CISS
  • Tel +82-42-350-8771
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  • Research TopicWearable healthcare system
Project : Development of Wearable Medical Device Attached on ‘Foot’ for Prevention of Sudden Infant Dead Syndrome
Purpose The purpose of our research is developing the wearable medical device to prevent sudden infant dead when infants roll over. This system services various healthcare information to alert the parents if there is a problem though Cloud
Contents ○ Development of wearable healthcare system
­- Development of flexible interface for measuring multi-vital informations of infant
­- Development of sensor node for high digital signal processing (The standard of performance evaluation for medical device of home healthcare)
­- Development of real-time algorithm for removing motion artifact and sampling vital signal informations
­- Development of wireless device for healthcare standard
­- Development of PC simulation tool and android application for wearable device
­- Design of comfort and portable sock and wearable device wearing on infant ‘foot’
Expected Contribution ○ U-Health application & accelerated control tech. based on neural signals
○ Design a competitive tech. compared with previous methods
○ Continuous demand creation through preoccupancy of healthcare market
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