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David Hyunchul Shim

2-5-10 Project Director

Project : Research on extendable small drone platform for multi-agent scenarios
Purpose ○ Research and development for extendable small drone platform
○ Lay out small drone platform showing various performance
○ Fuse resultant technology of the same tasks with the smart wireless sensor
○ Analyze required flight performance and design and verification of FCC
○ Build performance platform through multi-agent operation
Contents ○ Development of smart small drone platform for multi-agent performance
- Requirement analysis of flight control for an extendable small drone
- Design small drone and thrust system by the requirement analysis
- Design of extendable drone and flight control computer
○ Research on source algorithm for multi-agent operation
- Develop algorithms for management of multi-agent of small drone
- Develop algorithms for flight stabilization by attitude controller
- Develop management scenario for multi-agent of small drone
- Develop demo of drone performance using multi-agent of small drone
○ Research on Network based multi-agent operation
- Apply data sharing and mission planner among multi-agent of small drone
- Validate developed algorithms by real flight test
- Develop performance scenario and validate this scenario
○ Development of various small drone platform operation
- Validate drone performance scenario by real flight test
- Develop commercial performance platform of multi-agent of small drone
- Design various performance scenario for commercial platform
Expected Contribution ○ Technical achievements of multi-agent drone operation will created
○ Can be used for small project including basic attitude control algorithm
○ Can be used as a learning material providing easy development tool
○ Will retain first-place in utilizing and using small drone platform
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