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Soon-Cheol Kweon

2-5-11 Project Director

  • Affiliation Korea Institute of Science and Technology
  • Tel +82-2-958-5891
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  • Research TopicDevelopment of Smartphone-incorporated External High Power Battery Pack for Mobile Energy
Project : Development of Smartphone-incorporated External High Power Battery Pack for Mobile Energy
Purpose ◯ Development of 1.7kWh external high power battery pack for driving electric vehicles in emergency and supplying portable electricity to camping, construction, emergency and catastrophic site
◯ Battery pack charging system with grid, photovolatic, and pedal electricity
◯ Managing battery pack with Internet of Things
Contents ◯ Development of battery pack structure and thermal management system
-3D design of lightweight part arrangement and safety for external impact
-Thermal control system for limited-temperature operation
-Charging system through photovoltaics and pedal self-power generation
◯ Development of battery management system
-Safety algorithm for cell/pack voltage, State of Charge, Over-charge and Under discharge
-Robust algorithm for control of cell-balancing
-Modulated battery management system
Expected Contribution ◯ Technical Aspect
-Secure the technology for emergency-driving electric vehicles
-Secure the information technology through smartphone applicatons
◯ Economic Aspect
-Expend the mobile energy storage market via renewable energy source
-Create the mobile energy market in leisure, construction and catastrophic sites
◯ Environmental Aspect
-Reduce the green house gas through replacing fossil fuel energy by renewable energy
-Minimize the peak power concentration in electric grid and decouple charging electricity from electric grid
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