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Kim Jae-Hoon

Project : Design and Implementation of IoT Blockchain Service Platform
Purpose Design and Implementation of Lightweight Blockchain Service Platform for IoT Networks
Contents ● Development of lightweight blockchain platform for IoT networks
- Chain Agent Model Implementation / Validation
- IoT Full Node Model Implementation / Validation

● Lightweight blockchain deployment for Open H/W (OPEL ADAS)
- Deployment of blockchain service platform for lightweight IoT Open H / W

● Inner (Private) - Outer (Public) Chain Interworking
- Data interworking between public and private chains to keep data integrity

● Practices for IoT blockchain service model
- Construction of food monitoring block chain service model
Expected Contribution ● Implementation and operation of smart contract standard service from the block chain system

● Secure lightweight block chain technology applicable to IoT environment

● Development and operation of lightweight block chain technology

● Distributed data management between certification authority and user

● Reduction unnecessary administration costs and social unrest

 Contribute to the future industrial development
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