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  • Affiliation Centre for Integrated Smart Sensors
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  • Research TopicOrganic Photonics & Electronics for Smart Sensor applications
Project : Development of infrared photonic devices using organic functional semiconducting materials
Purpose Development of infrared photonic devices based on organic semiconductors with high sensitivity at room temperature
- Development of organic functional semiconductors for near infrared image sensor applications (Bandgap aligned organic functional semiconducting materials)
- Development of high performance infrared photonic devices based on organic functional semiconductors with capability of operating at room temperature
Contents In this project, we develop near-infrared photonic devices based on
organic functional semiconducting materials to overcome of limitations of
inorganic based photonic devices. Photonic devices such as photodiode
is a device to convert electric signals by absorption of light. Therefore,
it has a wide range of applications for photonic devices such as
photometric system. infrared detectors, non-contact temperature
thermometer, optical communication system, smart sensors and internet
of things (IoT).
Futhermore, it would be extended image sensor applications by
integration of photonic devices. Especially, detection of low-light
intensity signals and low-cost fabrication fee is available by reducing of
fabrication process step by using organic semiconducting materials.
[Research Field]
● Development of infrared & Visible range absorption organic functional materials
● Development of electron & hole transport and control layers
● Development of organic semiconductor fabrication process
● Package technology for organic photonic devices
● Research and development for characterization of organic devices
Expected Contribution Expected contribution in this technology should including;
▪ Private sector
- Detection of energy consumption, humidity and
electrical problem and analysis in smart building
- Error detection and thermal distribution during memory
semiconductor fabrication process
- Environmental detection and gas detection
- Safe system for night driving

▪ Military sector
- Border and Coastline Security and Borders
- Check objects at night with a sight for trams and
armored vehicles
- Mounted on a guided weapon, it can be struck
precisely by checking the heat.
- Combined rifle and sniper rifle sight at night
- IR-spectrum for space observations
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