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Hyung-Chul Park

3-3-11 Project Director

  • Affiliation Seoul Tech (Electronic Media in IT)
  • Tel +82-2-970-6460
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  • Research TopicLow energy, low noise MODEM/MAC H/W
Project : A study on the development of low energy consumption, low noise MODEM & MAC hardware for high-performance sensor system
Purpose In this study, we develop a low energy consumption, power efficient, and low noise MODEM & MAC signal processing hardware to integrate in high-performance sensor system.
Contents Performance and reliability are important parameters for sensors. For the high-performance and reliable sensors, system must guarantee low noise and power supply must be stable. When sensors and other function blocks are integrated using semiconductor technology, noise due to synchronous digital circuit may cause damage to the sensor performance. In this study, we design MODEM and MAC signal processor using asynchronous or partially synchronous digital circuit architecture. We utilize for the design of digital circuit in NFC RFID tag and ultra low-power wireless communication such as IEEE 802.15.4q. In addition, to improve performance of gas sensors, we study digital signal processing techniques for gas detection from a sensor array.
Expected Contribution Low noise digital circuit design method can be used for mixed signal based SoC as well as sensor system. And, it is expected that proposed MODEM and signal processing methods may insure excellent performance and enhance the system reliability by consuming low energy for low-power sensor systems.
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1 A Fast and Precise Blind I/Q Mismatch Compensation for Image Rejection in Direct-Conversion Receiver 2014.02. Phase 2
1st year
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