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Jang-Kyoo Shin

3-4-8 Project Director

Project : Development of pixel structure for implementing pixel aperture
Purpose In this project, we will develop a pixel structure which can detect depth information and reduce cross-talk of the CMOS image sensor with RGB/W pixels.
- Implementation of the optical simulation.
- Investigation of the vertical pixel structure.
- Development of the pixel structure for Implementation of pixel aperture.
Contents In the conventional dual aperture system, a small aperture is formed in the camera using the IR channel. We can get the focused image of the IR channel and blurred image of the RGB channel. It is possible to calculate the depth information using both images. In this research, we propose a novel pixel structure for the pixel aperture using CMOS process. The main concept is same for both case (dual aperture and pixel aperture). however, the aperture is located in a white or R/G/B pixel of CMOS image sensor. In order to fabricate feasible pixel aperture, we need to analyze the vertical structure of the 4-tr active pixel sensor and pixel characteristic using optical simulation with various aperture sizes, incidence angles and microlens.
Expected Contribution The technology of pixel aperture in RGB/W pixels can be applied to various areas such as indoor/outdoor violence/accidents observation, black box for cars. Therefore it has competitiveness in future vision sensor market.
No Title Year Phase
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No Title Country Date Phase
No title Conference Name Date Phase
2 Wide Dynamic Range and High-Sensitivity CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Using Output Voltage Feedback Structure The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) 2014-05-05 Phase 2
1st year
1 Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Linear-Logarithmic Active Pixel Sensor 제21회 한국반도체학술대회 2014-02-24 Phase 2
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